Media Planning & Analysis

In addition to creating distinct and effective ads, we use our expertise in media planning and investment in technology to analyze real-time and historical data to build a competitive strategy. Our comprehensive analysis indicates which networks, programs, dayparts, and spot lengths drive qualified lead generation, maximize return on investment and ensure our shared success as partners. 

The most exciting aspect of advertising is the newfound ability to combine TV’s undisputed reach and impact with digital media’s precise targeting practices.

Our proprietary tools allow us to focus on:

  • DATA-BASED TARGETING: We use proprietary data to target audiences that meet our campaign criteria. This allows us to adjust our goals based on audience data sets.

  • INVENTORY SELECTION: We have access to a wide variety of inventory in all of the DMA’s. All genres of programming are available – from local news and sporting events to network hits and popular syndicated programs. 

  • PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT: A variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are available. We have the ability to plan and execute orders by applying either traditional ratings or impression based metrics in the markets that generate clients.