The uncertainty about how to best respond and protect your business can be crippling

Submitted by Wildfire on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 9:00am

Law firms nationwide are watching as the world around them shuts down in response to social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders.



We are fortunate that our relationship with law firms across the United States allows us to see a broader picture of how they're responding and which ones are finding success.


Not surprisingly, we’re seeing two responses to the current crisis:

  • Law firms are circling the wagons and suspending or reducing operations.
  • And law firms who are pushing forward to discover new strategies for growth.

We are happy to say that the firms who are pushing forward safely and efficiently are succeeding. 


Surprisingly, we are seeing continued growth, and that's a reflection of what these law firms are doing in response to this crisis. We want you to share in that growth by understanding 3 reasons why it’s happening.



1. Leads are still looking for attorneys, and the ones who are looking have a greater intent to move forward than usual.

What’s really creating new opportunities is the fact that leads’ intent to move forward with an attorney’s services is higher than usual.


Think about this. No one is in the dark about the changes going on in the world right now. When a lead reaches out to a law firm, they know that this won’t be business as usual and that the process might be more inconvenient than it might have been, but they still want the help. Their need is immediate, and their level of intent is high.


The consumer teaches us what they want, and we’re finding that many law firms are not only finding success with leads right now, but they are finding even more success because many of their competitors have dropped out of the race!

2. Law firms who are thriving right now have embraced the opportunity to expand their practice.

We’re seeing firms succeed by making this the moment when they expand their practice to other demographics or practice areas.


Wildfire Legal Marketing Group can serve as a key component in that strategy by allowing firms to pivot quickly to a new practice area or consumer demographic without having to build their own infrastructure.



Our powerful brands can deliver new clients in over 20 practice areas that can help power the growth of your firm.

3. Social distancing is giving law firms the opportunity to expand their territory and compete in new markets.


Firms nationwide are discovering that now is a great time to expand their geo-targeting for legal leads and take on more counties or states.


Oddly enough, social distancing is driving this change thanks to the fact that we’re all now on the same page about how we need to communicate.


If you find yourself practicing an area of law where people have always preferred to meet in person, we all know by now that for the immediate future, important business is going to be done by video conference.

Un-circle those wagons and head for the frontier!


Just like you, we were waiting anxiously to see how things would play out for Wildfire Legal Marketing Group with all the changes going on. We’re really grateful to be able to see early on that there are ways for law firms that use our services to innovate and succeed.